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6 April 2024

If there's one thing that makes all the difference in your education, it's your choice of school. Indeed, there are dozens and dozens of Business schools in France. Each has its own particularities, and all have different things to offer.

The important thing is to take the time to choose the one that suits you best. To do this, don't hesitate to spend some time on their websites, go and meet them at trade fairs or during Open Days, or even talk to their teams or ambassadors.

Esdes Business School is a recognize and certified business and management school offering a comprehensive range of courses designed to support the responsible managers of tomorrow. Every year they welcome hundreds of international students who can choose between joining the Bachelor in Business - International Track (a 3-year program to learn the fundamentals of management and business) or enrolling in the Master in Management Program (a 2-year program available after having completed your third year of a bachelor degree)

Here are 5 reasons to study at Esdes:

  • An Anglo-Saxon model, unique in France
  • A dynamic associative life
  • Recognized programs
  • Esdes Business School is established in the Lyon landscape

  • A business school on a human scale

Let's dive into them!


An Anglo-Saxon model, unique in France

Esdes Business School is first and foremost unique in France. The school is recognized as the business school of UCLy (Université Catholique de Lyon). It is therefore directly integrated into a university. It is the only business school in France to adopt this model, widely developed in England for example.

Thanks to this positioning and integration, Esdes Business School benefits from the resources and facilities of an international university, two campuses in Lyon and Annecy, and exchanges between the 6 faculties and 5 professional schools.

This gives Esdes students "original gateways to skills that complement their management training. The result: unique profiles that are highly sought-after by companies.

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A dynamic associative life

Cheerleaders, ambassadors, a troupe of artists... there's no shortage of associations at Esdes, which now boasts around twenty.

These include Showbise, a troupe of artists who produce a memorable musical every year.

The Dix'vins association is also highly reputed. Their aim: to train people in the art of tasting wines and spirits, and to help them discover oenology through exchanges between amateurs and professionals.

For the more committed, you can also take part in Oxygene, an association with a social aim that works to offer magical moments to children from underprivileged backgrounds in the Lyon region.

Today, all these associations energize campus and student life, punctuating the year with key moments appreciated by all. This community life reflects one of the school's hallmarks: commitment.

To enable each student to get involved in the association of their choice, ½ day is freed up during each week of classes. Everyone can then take part in the community life so dear to Esdes.


Recognized programs

The strength of Esdes also lies in its accredited programs, recognized both in France and internationally.

First and foremost, Esdes is recognized by the highest national accreditation: the grade de master, state recognition, for the Grande Ecole program (Master in Management) and the grade de licence, state recognition, for the Bachelor in Business program. These grades are awarded by the CEFDG.

Esdes also belongs to the Conférence des Grandes Écoles. This attests to the excellence of its curricula, its successful integration into the job market after graduation, its international outlook and its societal and environmental impact... In short, it's a real seal of quality!

The school has also been AACSB accredited since November 2021. This places it among the elite of global academic excellence. Only 6% of the world's Business Schools hold this label of excellence, and only 26 of them in France.

And there's another international label: the Grande Ecole Program has been EFMD accredited since 2020. A label awarded by the international organization EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). This European distinction is awarded to management programs with a strong international vocation. Fewer than 120 programs worldwide can boast this distinction.

More recently, the school and its Grande Ecole program also gained places in the highly reputed Financial Times international rankings. Esdes now ranks in the top 90 of Europe's best management schools.


Esdes Business School is established in the Lyon landscape

Esdes is situated in the center of the peninsula on the Saint Paul campus of the Catholic University of Lyon. Transportation options include tram, metro, bus, and bicycle; the business school is conveniently located. Place Bellecour is 5 minutes away, the contemporary Confluence neighborhood is close by, and the Hôtel de Ville is 10 minutes away.


Campus Saint Paul - UCLy, place des Archives

Choosing to study at Esdes Business School is choosing a dynamic and friendly city, a few hours away from the ski slopes or the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. 


A business school on a human scale

Finally, what makes Esdes the school it is today is proximity. We're proud to say that we're a major business school, but on a human scale.

On our 2 campuses, proximity is the watchword. This means that our students benefit from optimal conditions (1 teacher for 25 students on average) and support at all times.

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