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11 January 2023

A CSR Project Manager proposes and implements CSR strategy, reports to the head of CSR and runs various projects to develop products or services on environmental policy and respecting human rights, while constantly analyzing their impact on company productivity.

What is the role of a CSR Project Manager?

A CSR Project Manager contributes to defining a company’s CSR and sustainable development strategy. To do so, they have to work with the directors of all departments and lead CSR-based working groups. They then manage and steer any CSR action plans in the company related to internal communications or aimed at providing solutions to meet new client needs.


What qualities and skills do you need to become a CSR Project Manager?

  • Ability to manage projects
  • Solid sustainable development and CSR skills and knowledge
  • Proactivity and discipline
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Good working knowledge of office tools

A CSR Project Manager must have an excellent working knowledge of project management tools and methods and be familiar with office tools. Specialized in CSR, they have good knowledge of various fields including sustainable development, environment, responsibility etc.

Proactive and highly disciplined, CSR Project Managers successfully manage projects to completion. They also have well-developed interpersonal skills that help them to work well with partners and support their teams.

The ability to work in English is a real advantage.


What salary can a CSR Project Manager expect?

At the start of their career or if working for a local authority a CSR Project Manager can expect a salary of between €1,200 to €1,700 net per month. Towards the end of their career and if working for a large group, they might expect from €3,100 to €8,000 net per month.


What qualifications do you need to become a CSR Project Manager?

If this career path interests you, you can become a CSR Project Manager by taking the ESDES 5-year Grande Ecole Program or Masters in Management course and opting for the master’s level specialization Management, Sciences Humaines et Innovations (Management, Social Sciences and Innovations), which is offered in partnership with UCLy’s philosophy faculty.

You can also become a CSR project manager after the MSc Circular Economy and Sustainable Innovation

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In addition to the fundamentals of management, you will learn human values, develop your critical thinking skills, and learn how to support a company’s CSR objectives. At the end of this original course, you will have earned a dual degree: a Masters in Management (from Esdes Business School) and a conventional Master’s degree from the UCLy Faculty of Philosophy.

The course is available as a work-study option.

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