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29 July 2022

Becoming a Circular Economy Consultant

The sustainable development professions have been expanding rapidly over the last few years. Regulations are becoming more and more stringent, forcing companies to adapt their practices. The Circular Economy Consultant is a support to companies and professionals in their sustainable transition by offering them a wide range of solutions to identify, measure and monitor the performance.





What is a Circular Economy Consultant’s role?

The Circular Economy Consultant analyzes business organizations and proposes plans to help improve and change the existing programs. Their role is to create the highest possible use value for the longest possible time while consuming as few material resources as possible.

In addition, the Circular Economy Consultant collaborates with many stakeholders (technical teams, management...) and evaluates new opportunities in order to form partnerships to support the development.

Their areas of focus are: improving existing products, streamlining the value chain, forming partnerships, monitoring performance, etc.


Where does a Circular Economy Consultant work ?

The Circular Economy Consultant can work in many sectors and with many structures. They usually work in consulting firms in which the clients are companies, associations, local authorities...

More rarely, the Circular Economy Consultant can work in a company or an association involved in the social and solidarity economy.


What Qualities and skills should a Circular Economy Consultant have?

  • Specialist in environment and sustainability
  • Driving change
  • Knowledge of the waste management policies and practices
  • Analytical and synthetic skills
  • Sense of communication
  • Pedagogy

The Circular Economy Consultant must be sensitive to the latest developments in the circular economy, in fact as being a rapidly evolving field, it requires a certain ability to understand innovation and to adapt. Moreover, their analytical and synthetic mind help them to deal with a lot of data.

The Circular Economy Consultant works with an interdisciplinary team, that is why their pedagogy is necessary all along the project to make sure everyone understand clearly their impact.


What is the typical salary of a Circular Economy Consultant?

The salary of a Circular Economy Consultant is around 30k for a junior consultant. With the experience, the salary can increase up to 50k per year.

The circular economy field offers steep career paths with many evolutions. In fact, the Circular Economy Consultant can specialize in a more specific area or even become a director, start their own business…


Which qualifications do you need to become a Circular Economy Consultant?

Train to become a Circular Economy Consultant with the ESDES Master of Science in Circular Economy & Sustainable Innovation.

This one-year specialization is available after a BBA or a Master 1 (equivalent to 240 ECTS) in France or abroad. The MSc Circular Economy & Sustainable Innovation is 100% taught in English. It prepares students to face the actual and upcoming challenges of their generation and to create a more sustainable economic model. In accordance with the concepts of the circular economy, this program is made for all those who aim to contribute to change, for the generation that is committed to a better world and who is curious to better understand its environment.

Get ready for green growth and join ESDES, the school of responsible natives.



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