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6 September 2021

Once you have arrived in Lyon, you may notice that grocery stores, though in abundance, tend to vary in price, quality, and products quite a bit. You will likely end up settling on a store that is close to your new apartment and within your budget… but there are ways to hack the system even more! 


As I mentioned, there are several grocery store chains around Lyon, such as Lidl, Franprix, Carrefour, etc. For me personally, I like to change up the store I go to depending on what I need. For example, Lidl will often have the cheaper options for meat products and less-popular brands, so if you aren’t too picky with the foods you like then this may be a good store to check for basic items! Carrefour often has pricier items, but may carry more French brands and higher quality brands for your everyday needs. 


So, once you have decided where to buy your groceries and when, it’s time to think about other hacks to save a few extra pennies! (Let’s face it, we all know it’s nice to have some extra money in your pocket for a rainy day!) Most chain grocery stores in France will offer some loyalty card or special offers for loyal customers. Be sure to check these out, as they can save you around 30 Euro per month! For example, the loyalty card for Franprix is available on the app store (called “Franprix express”), and every time you check out in store you can just show them the card on your app and it will add money to your account. Then, you can use that app money on your next purchase! 


Another hack for grocery shopping in Lyon is to take advantage of “no-waste” offers! Many grocery stores do not want to throw away or give away expired food items, so instead they will offer special deals so you pay just a few euro for food that will expire soon. This can include food that would normally be worth much more, so if you don’t mind being surprised with your grocery items, this can be a nice way to get high quality items for much less than they would normally be! This can especially be nice if you are having a small party, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on food! For example, check out the “Too Good to Go” app to find some great offers! 


After your first month in Lyon you will create your own grocery shopping habits and tricks. Get out and explore your options, and don’t forget to search for great deals, because they’re almost always available in some form! 

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