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20 April 2023

Becoming a Sustainable Event Manager

A sustainable event manager designs and manages an event which is economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible by making efficient decisions in the planning, organization, and execution of an event. Sustainability is practiced in all levels of event management to ensure that an event is hosted responsibly and leaves positive legacies that benefit local communities. Sustainable event managers analyse the needs and values of diverse stakeholders that are directly or indirectly impacted by the event.

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What is the Sustainable Event Manager’s role?

The Sustainable Event Manager’s role is to plan and execute the event from start to finish, according to the requirements, target audience, and objectives. To achieve this, he must come up with creative suggestions to enhance the event’s success, prepare realistic budgets, and ensure adherence to them. He will also need to source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers, hire and manage personnel such as DJs, waiters, and event coordinators, coordinate all operations, and lead promotional activities to attract the target audience.

The day of the event, he will be in charge of supervising all staff, including caterers and event coordinators, and approving all aspects before the event begins. During the event, he must ensure that everything runs smoothly and step up to resolve any problems that might occur. After the event, he will need to analyze its success and prepare reports to evaluate its performance against the objectives set.

Also Sustainable Event Manager’s need to consider the following areas in organising and delivering a sustainable event: 

2| Choose Eco-Friendly Vendors – ensuring proximity and territorial expertise is considered in the choice of suppliers

3| Incorporate Sustainable Practices into Event Planning and Execution – overseeing the delivery of a responsible event whilst considering the specific environmental Sustainable Development Goals

4| Donate and contribute for societal good to ensure an inclusive approach to the event management

5| Measure and Monitor Your Environmental Impact, using current tools and audits to ensure a sustainable deliverable


What qualities and skills should a Sustainable Event Manager have?

  • Managing multiple events and people simultaneously: coordinating multiple projects and people at the same time.
  • Collaboration: Working as a team to achieve set goals.
  • Organization: Planning and keeping track of all aspects of an event.
  • Time management: Making sure everything is completed on time.
  • Problem-solving: Quickly identifying issues and finding practical solutions.
  • Creativity and creative thinking: Thinking outside the box to make events unique and memorable.
  • Resilience under pressure: Staying calm and positive in stressful situations.
  • IT literacy: Using technology and digital tools effectively.
  • Reflective thinking for improvement: Analyzing feedback and making changes to improve future events.


What is the typical salary of a Sustainable Event Manager ?

Typically, entry-level Sustainable Event Manager earn a gross annual salary of approximately €40 000. However, with extensive experience in the field, it is possible to significantly increase your earnings over the course of your career. As an experienced Responsible Event Manager, you could potentially earn up to €62 000 in gross annual salary.


Which qualification do you need to become a Sustainable Event Manager?

Train to become a Sustainable event Manager with the Esdes Master of Science Sustainable Tourism and Event Management in France.

This one-year specialization is available after a BBA or BSC in Tourism or event management or a Master 1 (equivalent to 240 ECTS) in France or abroad. The MSc Sustainable Tourism and Event Management is 100% taught in English. The program has been created under the careful guidance of professionals from both the International Tourism and Events sectors who have a first-hand understanding of the competencies and knowledge required to succeed in these industries. This program is devised using novel teaching approaches with hands-on fieldtrips, research and practitioner led teaching.

Get ready for green growth and join Esdes, the school of the responsible natives.

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