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24 June 2022

Becoming a Sustainable Transition Manager

The transition towards a sustainable economy means restructuring economic models in order to meet the challenges of resources and environmental preservation. The Sustainable Transition Manager provides companies with solutions close to reality, they guide stakeholders in the creation of new business models (low-carbon, circular and inclusive) to increase their performance in the long term.



What is a Sustainable Transition Manager’s role?

The Sustainable Transition Manager plays an active role in the transition towards a sustainable and responsible approach to running a company. They can intervene in periods of crisis to influence sustainable change within an organisation, or they can provide innovative solutions for the development of a new activity.

Thanks to their holistic viewpoint, the Sustainable Transition Manager brings their external expertise to an organisation, deploys operational actions and supports the staff and the structures in the change. They therefore assist at all levels within an organisation to prepare and then implement the transition ensuring a positive impact on employees, customers and the company's results.

They master the levers of transition and change management and understand the implications on the major management functions: strategy, finance, supply chain and marketing.


What qualities and skills should a Sustainable Transition Manager have?

  • Analytical skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Versatility
  • Leadership skills
  • Relational skills
  • Expertise in sustainability
  • Resilience

The Sustainable Transition Manager must be able to step back from the issues at stake in the transition, therefore an analytical mind and strong foresight is necessary on a daily basis. Their expertise in sustainability enables them to understand problems quickly and to adapt to each situation in a short period of time.

The mode of intervention of this management profession requires an ability to adapt effectively and also requires a versatile profile. A specialist in crisis management, they know perfectly how to manage stress to overcome precarious situations with mindfulness and tact.

Their charisma and leadership skills enable them to intervene on delicate subjects and to face the resistance to change that is frequently present in companies. Finally, the Sustainable Transition Manager is an attentive listener; they must listen to all stakeholders concerned and involve them in the change. Excellent communication skills are essential.


What is the typical salary of a Sustainable Transition Manager?

The salary of the Sustainable Transition Manager varies according to their missions.

At the beginning of their career, the Sustainable Transition Manager earns around 40k per year. Then their salary can increase up to 80k per year.


Which qualifications do you need to become a Sustainable Transition Manager?

Train to become a Sustainable Transition Manager with the ESDES Master of Science in Circular Economy & Sustainable Innovation.

This one-year specialization is available after a BBA or a Master 1 (equivalent to 240 ECTS) in France or abroad. The MSc Circular Economy & Sustainable Innovation is 100% taught in English. It prepares students to face the actual and upcoming challenges of their generation and to create a more sustainable economic model. In accordance with the concepts of the circular economy, this program is made for all those who aim to contribute to change, for the generation that is committed to a better world and who is curious to better understand its environment.

Get ready for green growth and join ESDES, the school of responsible natives.





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