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28 March 2024

International student Danna SERRANO has joined Esdes Business School Bachelor In Business program. She's been in Lyon, France for a few months now. She shares with us her experience and tips for international student who wish to come to Lyon.

France is well known for its educational system. You can discover a wide variety of programs and recognitions that will open up opportunities around the world, such as AACSB, which help you demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence and other attributes that you will add to your curriculum. This is the case with Esdes Business School in Lyon.

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But the potential of France is not only in education; it extends to the experience that it offers to students. In the case of Lyon, it is home to international students, which you can see in its diverse classrooms.


Integration and interaction

As you may have already read, Lyon has been receiving as many international students as national students every year. It is like a home for students, so don't think that you won't make friends apart from your university colleagues. At some point, you will meet people from your home country or city, or perhaps someone from another country.

Now, you may ask me how or where? Let me tell you that Lyon offers a variety of places to meet people and engage in recreational activities.



Don't hesitate to try french gastronomy!

Lyon offers a lot of diversity in restaurants with a wide variety of prices. Some of them are specifically for students and are called CROUS, which are provided by the French government. Other restaurants offer special prices for students, so you just have to ask, and the customer service will inform you.

Some examples of common restaurants with special prices for students are: Les burgers de papa, ta5ty, Burger World, etc…(One tip is to ask if they have a student menu).

If you do not speak the language, you can also visit special restaurants where many international students go to practice French or even other languages. Some of them are pubs that host 'Multi Language/Polyglot Meetup' days. Here are a few examples: Overcraft Café, diploid, etc…

Furthermore, as a part of the nightlife. Lyon is well known for the nightlife activities available, which is why some people call it the city of lights. Some of the bars available for young students are Azar club, La Feria, Loft Club Lyon, etc. (the legal drinking age in France is 18).


Outdoors activities     

Lyon also has many places where you can engage in outdoor activities with your friends for free.

One example of this is Parc de la Tête d'Or, where you can visit the incredible zoo for free. You will find giraffes, monkeys, and more. Moreover, you can walk in parks, have a picnic in the green areas, or play traditional games such as la pétanque.

On the other hand, there are other recreational options like visiting skateparks, strolling along rivers, or playing sports. It is a great way to spend time with friends without spending money on recreational activities. Some examples include Parc Blandan, Place Bellecour, etc….

Remember to check the website of the Lyon mayor's office, which also provides information about special events in those places such as: sell of second-hand clothing, free store for students, free rent of bicycles, etc…


Transportation system

Lyon has their own transportation system called “TCL”, which offers a good and high-capacity system for traveling inside and outside the city. Therefore, you might be able to access a variety of travel opportunities within Lyon and nearby regions. Additionally, you might visit other tourist attractions available in France during your vacations and weekends, and then return to your classes in Lyon.

One bullet point is that the public transportation system in Lyon offers reductions for students, so keep this in mind. Your wallet will be happy.



If you are thinking about moving to France for its well-known reputation in education, you might want to consider Lyon. Here, you will be able to achieve your educational goals while also enjoying your student life. Additionally, you can create a strong network of friendships around the world, all in one place.


Here, I attach some links that will help you to enjoy your time in Lyon.



  • Where can I study in English in France?

Esdes Business School is a business school based in Lyon that offers a wide variety of programs, taugh 100% in English. You will find Bachelor in Business, Master in Management, MSc... 

If you are interested, you can discover all our program here.


  • How can I get help to find accommodation in France?

Lyon offers numerous choices of accommodation suitable for an array of different budgets. Esdes has signed a partnership with private residences in order to provide quality accommodation for international students. You can find more info here.


  • Where can I get help to study in France?

If you wish to study at Esdes Business School, you can find all the information you need on our website or on this dedicated page.

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