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9 August 2021

As a student at ESDES you will have the perk of living in a central location in Europe ! This means that you can finally live your travel dreams! Let’s take a trip down my memory lane, because as a student at ESDES I had the opportunities of a lifetime to travel cheaply and easily by train, plane, car, and bus… all around Europe!


First stop? Spain! I was lucky to have friends in Spain, and so this was of course one of my favorite destinations, and is easy to access with a direct border to France. Just one (long but VERY cheap) bus ride with Flixbus, and I was in Valencia without a problem! This trip was incredible, but let’s talk about that in another post…

Later, I had the pleasure to travel to the gorgeous Austrian Alps during the summer! I mean, those views are just a short train ride from Lyon, can you believe it?! I highly recommend staying in a small town on the coast of Austria/Switzerland, where the food is amazing and the hikes have the best trails!


So, where to next… maybe the UK? Just a short flight from Lyon you can see Buckingham palace, go to the theatre to see a Shakespeare play, walk across Abbey Road… and speak a bit of English if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with French. The flights from Paris to London are very cheap and very frequent, so you can even make this a weekend trip if you are motivated to be back for class on Monday morning!


Where is another travel destination on your wish list? Maybe… Italy? For me, I really wanted to see the Pompeii archaeological site and all the tourist Roman sites! Who can resist the opportunity to see the colosseum? But again, let’s get back to that later, because there’s still so many other countries you can easily see from your “home base” in Lyon! 

To wrap it up, you can go wherever your heart desires in just a short skip and a jump! Even Paris, it is very expensive and can be crowded to live in the beautiful city, but it is perfect for a weekend trip to see the Parisian cafes and museums! However, don’t forget about Lyon too! I am sure Lyon’s beauty and history will surprise you. Just head up to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière or take a walk to Vieux Lyon.


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Pictures : @tocrossanocean

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