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31 May 2022

There’s a new MSc program available at ESDES, and it is definitely sparking interest internationally! The program is centered around Circular Economy and Sustainable Innovation, which is sure to catch employer’s eye in the field of economics and sustainability. For 13 months, you will have the opportunity to discover this highly competitive market, and to explore hands-on work in the field. 

You might be wondering: what is a circular economy, and where do I fit into this innovative future? “The transition towards a circular economy means restructuring economic models in order to meet the challenges of resources and environmental preservation,” and is fast becoming an in-demand job opportunity for those individuals who get ahead of the curve in their studies!  You can read more about the future career opportunities here! 

Also good to note, the MSc is a perfect program for anyone seeking a shorter time commitment, and at a cheaper price point! Although the 2-year MA is an excellent choice for many, it is understandable that perhaps some individuals may prefer a shorter program. The MSc is therefore the perfect choice for you! 13 months allows an opportunity to discover Lyon, France, truly gain international experience, and then to continue to a career that is sure to offer plenty of opportunities! 

For the academic year, you will have the chance to take specialized courses that will directly aid you in your future pursuits. This will include a consultancy project, which will provide amazing hands-on experience in a controlled setting. A consultancy project is especially useful for learning in a secure environment where it is okay to make mistakes and get advice from experts in the field! Then, for 4 months you will partake in an internship, which will solidify the knowledge you gained previously into direct actions and results. This internship period is also a great way to boost your resume while also gaining confidence in the working environment! You can ultimately decide where your internship will take place, so if you wanted to remain in France you would have several advantages, such as the paid internship (intenships over 2 months in France must be paid). However, if you would like to return to your home country or explore another country you would be welcome to complete your internship in a relevant company abroad! This allows you greater freedom, as you can live in France for 9 months and then return to your home country if you want to limit the distance from family or friends! 

Ultimately, this MSc is a great fit for you if you are interested in the up and coming field of circular economy and sustainability, and are also interested in a 13 month program full of hands-on experience to boost your future career!

Check out the MSc here for more details! Apply by downloading the application form from the website and send it to .




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