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13 September 2021


So, you’ve officially moved to France and now you see that there is a “French style” that you’d like to integrate into your wardrobe! It’s easier than you might think when you are surrounded by French fashion in Lyon! 


The French style can be available at any budget, so if you love to shop get ready to check out these awesome brands and stores available in your new city! 


For those of you who are sticking to a budget during your studies, there are several options that aren’t too expensive, but that still have that authentic style you see everywhere in France… First, check out Pimkie. This is a shop that has an international feel (as an ASOS brand), but if you look you will see many French girls wearing some of the basics and more muted options from this store! It is especially a good option for those looking for a fun and colorful French style, as opposed to the classic Parisian style (both are equally French!). Another shop similar to the above is Camaiieu, which also offers fun and colorful options alongside a more classic palette (just a tiny step up in price). 


Let’s not forget about accessories though! For shoes, you may want to check out Bocage and Minelli, which are at a middle price range for shoe shops in France… or if your budget allows, check out Pied de Biche for your autumn boots and leather flats! Jewelry is another must, and you might like H&M or L’atelier d’Amaya (at slightly higher prices). 


If you still aren’t satisfied with clothing options, head over to IKKS or Maje for some new looks and accessories! Head over to Monoprix for your full French look and additional shopping needs! However, if you still aren’t satisfied, just have a walk around the city (especially around Rue de la Republique or Rue Victor Hugo) and you are sure to run into shops that you will love! 

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