Chelsea Connolly

2 min.

25 January 2022

You may have noticed that during the application process to ESDES students should write a motivation letter in addition to other documents required. This motivation letter will demonstrate to the admissions jury why the student - you - would be a good fit at ESDES, and why you think the program is a good fit for your future goals! This is a big part of the admissions decision, so here are some top tips for writing a successful motivation letter. (For more detailed information, please do your research on writing a university cover letter and the proper formatting techniques. There are several resources online that you can utilize!) 

Keep it professional! Don’t forget that this letter will be read by the jury who decides your acceptance to the university. It is also a big part of the admission decision, as it is your personal appeal as to why you should be admitted to ESDES. Therefore, be sure to check your spelling, use formal grammar, and think about having a friend proof-read the letter before you send it with your application. 

Keep the formatting simple and organized! Remember, the jury will be reading hundreds of these letters every month, and you don’t want to make it difficult for them to understand and read your letter. You can find several format ideas online for motivational letters, but just think to keep it simple, organized, and easy to read.

Keep it on topic! Sure, you could talk about your childhood dog that influenced your love of animals and somehow later on led you to apply to a business university in Lyon… but are the two ideas really that related? It is better to keep things neat and organized, without going off topic or losing sense of what you want to relay to the admissions jury. With this in mind, here are some additional tips to staying on topic and keeping your letter organized for the jury:

  1. Tell us about yourself! In the first part of the motivational letter you can tell the jury a bit about yourself. Who you are, what you like to do, what you are interested in, what you are passionate about, what studies you have done…
  2. Next, why did you choose to apply to ESDES? What do you know about ESDES that can show the jury you have done your research, and what about the training makes it interesting or relevant to you? 
  3. What is the career path you want to follow, and how does ESDES play into this career path? What program at ESDES are you applying for and how does this program in particular assist your future goals? What will the school bring you and what will you bring to the school?

Keeping all of this in mind, you are now ready to start writing your motivational letter to apply to ESDES! Don’t forget to send the letter with your application form and other documents to once you are ready! Best of luck and feel free to let us know if you have any questions : !


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