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6 February 2024

For over 35 years, Esdes has been committed to educating responsible managers who contribute to building a better world. This commitment is at the heart of the school and its teachings, and it is now translated into concrete actions taken by our students on the ground.

What does it mean to be an engaged school? How has Esdes made engagement accessible to its students? Why do we get involved?

We will give you a portrait of student engagement at Esdes.

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Esdes, a committed school

As you can see, student commitment is a central element of Esdes culture. From the first year, the school encourages students to get involved and commit themselves to both student life and society as a whole. This allows each student to live unique and responsible experiences, in order to prepare them as best as possible to become entrepreneurs, managers, but also responsible citizens.

To do this, the Esdes educational curriculum is full of opportunities to develop your skills in corporate social and environmental responsibility, business ethics, ecological and energy transition, etc. Students acquire knowledge and skills that they put to use and strengthen through field experiences, involvement in associations (mandatory in 1st and 3rd year) or even the SoliCity mission (2 months of volunteering, serving others, in France or abroad).

Student commitment at Esdes takes various forms:

  • Student associations: Esdes currently has over 50 student associations. They cover a wide range of areas (sport, culture, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, etc.). All students are encouraged to get involved with one or more associations based on their interests and goals.

  • Solidarity projects: Esdes encourages students to get involved in solidarity projects, in France or even abroad, according to each individual's wishes. They allow students to put their skills at the service of those in need and contribute to a better world.

  • Entrepreneurial initiatives: Esdes also seeks to train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Thus, when it is the wish of the students, the school offers them specific programs and resources to support them in their projects.


The benefits of student commitment

If Esdes is so committed to making its students responsible citizens, it is also because we believe that it is an experience full of benefits.

Among the long list that we could make, we have selected 3:

  • Acquiring experience and developing skills: Whether in humanitarian projects, within student associations, or just during occasional events, getting involved for a cause allows students to develop or acquire transversal skills. Some of them can be mentioned, such as public speaking, teamwork or taking responsibility. These are essential skills today, especially in professional life. And these experiences, often very rich, are appreciated by recruiters.
  • Developing a network: What better way to get out of your everyday life and comfort zone to meet new people and expand your network? Through their engagement, students are all led to meet people, sometimes even a lot of people. This is therefore a unique opportunity to meet the right people and build your network.
  • Discovering new fields and areas of interest: While students often choose an association or project that corresponds to their interests, others choose to venture into worlds that they know less about. The opportunity to discover new things and sometimes find a vocation...


Some examples of commitment at Esdes

But how does all this translate at Esdes? To answer you, here is an overview of the different ways in which students are encouraged to get involved:

  • Associations:

In addition to the BDE, sports associations, those for international students and so on, Esdes has also created "Enactus Esdes", an association member of the international ENACTUS network with the objective of promoting social entrepreneurship and the management of student projects for a more sustainable world. But also "Oxygène Esdes", a non-profit association whose objective is to offer a magical moment to children from underprivileged backgrounds. Or even "The New Locals": the association wants to ensure a better future for future generations in terms of sustainable development.

Each year, Esdes offers all of its students the opportunity to commit to a humanitarian, social, and civic mission for a minimum of 2 months during their time at the school. This mission can be achieved in France or abroad.

The goal of the mission is simple: to discover others, diversity, and difference. It is also an opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need.

  • Annual Events:

In addition to the SoliCity mission, Esdes also offers a variety of other opportunities for students to get involved in their community. For example, every year for the past 13 years, Esdes has partnered with the Banque Alimentaire du Rhône to collect food for those in need. In Annecy, students also organize an annual breast cancer awareness event, collecting donations for an association.

This is just a non-exhaustive list of all the opportunities available to ESDES students, but no matter your profile, goals, or interests, we are sure you will find something to thrive and engage in!


From students to committed actors: a look back at the remarkable profiles that have shaped Esdes


  • Benoit Martin, Eesdes alumnus 2007 & co-founder of Yuka, the app that decodes food and cosmetic labels and analyzes their impact on health.
  • Sarah da Silva Gomez, Esdes alumna 2014 & founder of Constant et Zoé, a clothing brand for people with disabilities.
  • Lambert Cornevin, Esdes alumnus 2016 & founder of Manger Santé, an online program that offers subscribers a personalized recipe planner and automatic shopping lists.
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