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1 February 2024

When embarking on higher education, a question often arises – that of immersion abroad. Whether through an internship, a semester, or even an entire year of exchange, an increasing number of schools offer opportunities to study abroad, and more and more students choose to do so during their studies.

But why is it a good idea? And more importantly, is it better to go for an internship or a semester of study? This is what we will explore together in this article.

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The academic adventure of a semester of study abroad

Studying abroad for a semester is a unique academic adventure. Such an exchange is known to offer a plethora of benefits, both educational and cultural.


Diversity of Courses

One of the main advantages of a semester of study abroad lies in the diversity of accessible courses. By leaving the framework of your home institution, you open the door to disciplines and teachings that you might not have considered otherwise. Often, the courses offered are not the same as those you are used to. The formats of classes and learning can also be different at times. This variety broadens your academic horizons, allowing you to explore new fields of knowledge and deepen your overall understanding of your study area.

Unique Cultural Immersion

A semester of study abroad offers unparalleled cultural immersion. As an international student, you are often in contact not only with students from your host country but also with many other international students from various backgrounds! These intercultural exchanges with local and international students create an environment conducive to mutual discovery. Additionally, you learn to live in the heart of a new culture, experiencing different lifestyles and ways of thinking, which can reshape your perspective.

Development of Language Skills

What would a semester of study abroad be without the linguistic dimension? Daily interaction with the local language, whether in academic, social, or professional settings, provides an incomparable immersive experience. It is often said that one learns by practicing, and this has never been truer than when developing language skills. All students who have gone on exchange abroad can confirm this! This language proficiency becomes a considerable asset for your future career, opening doors and creating opportunities that only multilingualism can offer.

In conclusion, opting for a semester of study abroad is much more than just an academic experience. It is an adventure that shapes cross-cutting skills and memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.

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The professional experience of an international internship

For those wishing to go abroad during their studies, an exchange semester is not the only option. Many students choose to undertake an internship abroad. Opting for an international internship provides an unparalleled opportunity to combine academic theory with practical experience in the professional world. Moreover, it is a significant asset on a resume.


Professionalizing International Experience

An international internship goes beyond mere professional experience; it opens doors to an entire international market. It provides the opportunity to be exposed to different work methods and approaches, offering a thorough understanding of labor codes abroad. In an increasingly globalized professional world that is open to international exchanges, the ability to navigate smoothly within diverse cultural contexts has become a considerable asset that you can easily showcase to recruiters.

Development of an International Professional Network

One of the major advantages of an international internship is the possibility of developing a global professional network. Working alongside professionals in your industry in an international context expands your circle of contacts, offering opportunities for future collaborations, professional recommendations, and even global career prospects. In general, these professional relationships go beyond the duration of your internship. If you wish, you can build lasting connections that can potentially be an asset throughout your career.

In summary, choosing to undertake an international internship is not only an opportunity to put your professional skills into practice but also an open door to a world of possibilities. It is a full-fledged professional experience that can offer unique opportunities for an international career. Such a stay abroad will allow you to acquire the skills and connections necessary to thrive in an increasingly globalized professional environment.


The benefits of studying abroad during one's studies

As you may have understood, a stay abroad, whether through an internship or a semester of study, comes with its share of advantages.

The majority of these are useful from both a personal and professional perspective. Among these advantages, we find:

  • Immersion in a new culture (note: it is up to you to make an effort to interact with others rather than solely staying with students from your home country)
  • Development of language skills
  • Acquisition of international experience
  • Open-mindedness
  • Strengthening of the resume
  • Possibility of establishing professional contacts on a global scale


The international dimension at Esdes

At Esdes, the international dimension has a significant place in the programs and the entire educational system. The school's philosophy is to prepare students to thrive in a multicultural environment by providing them with all the keys to successfully expatriate.

From the first year, you can opt for the English Track, a 100% English-language curriculum, and develop your language skills with experienced teachers.

Moreover, besides the mandatory departures in the 2nd year, students can multiply experiences across the globe. Indeed, they can spend up to 36 months abroad (in the Grande Ecole Program), including internships and exchange semesters.

Esdes also offers double degrees internationally. 40 international programs are available in the United States, China, or the United Kingdom. You will then obtain a diploma from Esdes, accredited by EFMD and approved by the State, as well as a diploma from the foreign university.

Finally, the school emphasizes welcoming hundreds of international students from all continents each year. Welcome Week, help to get a visa and accommodation, assistance with your application, Esdes have built a team dedicated to our international students, to make sure their exchange in France is a success! 

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  • What are the partner universities of Esdes?

Esdes has numerous partnerships with universities worldwide. United States, China, Norway… You can find the complete list here.

  • I am an international student, can I get help with my procedures (visa, scholarships, residence permit…)?

Esdes has 20% international students, so the teams have set up a support service for foreign students. It is accessible here.

  • Where can I get help about the housing in France?
You can find all the information you need about housing here.
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