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29 November 2023

If you are looking to study abroad and dive into a business degree, you should consider moving to France. Why France?
France has vibrant student cities and esteemed educational institutions, might just be the perfect destination for your business school journey.

Here are the main reasons I choose to study in France personally.


Academic Excellence and Diversity and welcoming nature

The university I applied to offered airport pickup when you arrive. They took me to my residence and made sure I was well settled. The first day on campus, they did the same and welcomed all the students and familiarized them with the campus and their new university.

When I was searching for countries to study in, I found that France prides itself on its exceptional education system and universities are generally very welcoming towards international students.


International Networking Hub

For example, Lyon where I study, one of France's bustling student cities, fosters a multicultural environment, creating an incredible melting pot of global perspectives. My university alone has 35+ nationalities on campus. Studying here means connecting with students from diverse cultures, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and lifelong friendships. These connections extend far beyond the classroom, forming a global network beneficial for future career opportunities.

For example, my class has about 20 nationalities, which help me understand different cultures and prepare me for a true international business dynamic in the real world. There are specific events for international students which help students get to know each other.

Accredited Programs and Global Recognition

I have researched a lot of French business schools and fount that they hold prestigious accreditations and international partnerships, ensuring the quality and global recognition of their programs. For example, my school is accredited by both French higher education and American board for business schools.


Multilingual Advantage and Cultural Immersion

While English-taught programs are common in France, and I am currently studying in one, the opportunity to learn French is a valuable asset even for future employment, something that I always wanted to do. Mastering the language not only aids in daily life but also broadens employment opportunities and demonstrates adaptability in an increasingly interconnected world.

Currently, I am having two French classes per week. French language and French
conversation. In addition, Next semester I will be studying French culture. These classes help a lot for integrating in France, both culturally and linguistically.


Internship and Employment Prospects

I was surprised when I found out that it is actually a common practice for universities to ask students to do internships every year. Many business schools collaborate closely with industry partners, providing internships and practical experiences, setting the stage for a successful career launch.

In my own personal case, I have a class that is specifically designed to improve your CV and make sure that you maximize your opportunities to find an internship. I also heard from my friends that companies receive government incentives to provide internships for students.

Enriching Lifestyle and Cultural Heritage

Beyond the classroom, I get the chance to discover nearby cities like Annecy and Geneva which are only 1 hour and 2 hours bus ride respectively. France's rich heritage, exquisite cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes beckon exploration and regardless of where you choose to study in France you will always find places to visit and enjoy your time. For example, Lyon's historical landmarks, museums, vibrant street markets, and thriving cultural scene offer a perfect balance between academic rigor and delightful experiences, creating unforgettable memories.

In a day, I can finish studying in the school library and then go to a nearby museum to enjoy pieces of art or even go visit the old city.


In conclusion...

To sum up, studying in France for me offers me the chance to travel through the European Schengen area and explore other places, in addition to making long-lasting friends. France has a rich culture, and most cities have a lot to offer. Finally, the educational system is actually very good, and you have plenty of options to choose a program that fits your specific needs.


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