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7 December 2023

France is a wonderful country filled with deep history, delicious cuisine, unique traditions, and diversity. Deciding to pursue an educational career in France as an international student would be a great choice and highly recommended. Thousands of students from all over the world decide to come study in France each year, not only because of France being a beautiful country, but also for the features and advantages that international students can benefit from.


The quality of Education in France

To start up with the quality of the education that is featured in France, it is ranked the 5th country in the world with the highest education, it offers a high quality and a secular educational system which many students will enjoy during their studies there. As an International student here at Esdes Business School, I have noticed the professionalism that the University provides to us, we have professors with great knowledge and are super friendly, most of our classes’ assignments are in groups which help with bonding with your classmates and making new friends. Also, I have noticed that in between each class we have a 15 minutes break which I find really convenient as it gives you time to find your next class without having to worry about arriving late to it.


English Taught Programs

Moving on, France also offers more than 1000 programs that are taught in English in many universities all over the country, so if you are an international student that is planning on pursuing his/her educational career in France but don’t speak the language, then you have nothing to worry about and the average minimum English Level that is required to get accepted to an English taught program is a B2, which is not that hard to get. I am currently seeking a Bachelor in International Business in a French University in English, and it feels wonderful because I am in a class with students from all around the world, exploring new cultures and traditions.


Affordable destination for students

Furthermore, the tuition fees in France are affordable, international students can benefit from inexpensive tuition fees, Low-Cost transportation fees, Accommodation fees, and even Public Health Insurance. Upon my arrival here in Lyon as an International student, I have benefited from the TCL card (Transportation Card Lyon) reduction price which is 25 euros per month for people aged between 18 and 25 with 2 months FREE, and it is a really good deal as I tend to always use public transportation a lot. I have also benefited from the CAF which is governmental aid for my accommodation’s rent, and it helped a lot. I also applied for a Social Security Number, which gives me access to Public Health Insurance and covers 70% of all my health fees.


In conclusion...

I am really glad I chose to study here in France and especially my University which contains an incredible atmosphere with great teachers and classmates that have been amazing so far. I would definitely recommend my friends to come study here.

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