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21 June 2021

The Digital Marketing Institute: E-learning course offerings

Boost your career with the Digital Marketing Institute: an e-learning platform that awards certifications in the field of digital marketing.
The platform offers a range of different programs with varying prices according to the length and desired level of qualification. Choose from professional diplomas, Master's degree programs or specialized Masters of Science programs.

Over 130,000 members have joined the platform to train in SEO, e-commerce, strategy, social network management and web marketing.
These degree programs are available worldwide for recent graduates, business owners, beginners, marketing professionals and anyone who wants to advance their career.
The programs are carefully designed by marketing professionals and structured by industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola and IBM.

Why choose a DMI certification?

Choosing a DMI certification means giving yourself a strategic advantage in the marketing departments of the largest companies in Silicon Valley and the Tech Giants (GAFAM).

Many high-strategy employees within these monopolistic companies are DMI certified. For example, Anna Moldovan, who graduated with a Master’s in Digital Marketing, was able to secure a position as Account and Industry Manager at Google in Hungary.

Davin Kelly, holder of the DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing was recruited by Twitter as their Marketing Manager. These are just two examples among numerous others which prove that the courses offered by the Digital Marketing Institute are internationally renowned.

DMI certification at ESDES

The Marketing & Digital Business specialization offered by ESDES Lyon Business School's Grande École Program gives all of its students the opportunity to become "Certified Digital Marketing Associates" by the end of the 2-year Master's program. In addition to this DMI certification, students can attend specialized classes in digital marketing and communication - taught 100% in English - and are given the option of spending 6 months abroad and completing a double degree program in an ESDES partner university.

This specialization is also available as part of a work-study program where students can accumulate valuable work experience over two years while being paid and exempted from tuition fees.

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