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22 July 2022

Do you dream of studying for a semester in the United States? Study for a year in Peru or Australia? Don't wait any longer: as a student, you can benefit from numerous aids and opportunities to conquer the world!


Why go abroad during your studies?

Going abroad means discovering a new culture, traveling, and meeting new people. It is also an opportunity for you to make real progress in languages by being in contact with local people who do not speak your native language, so you will have to express yourself in English at least.

Living the international experience is an essential step for the rest of your career. By meeting new people and getting out of your daily routine, you will be able to reflect on what really makes you tick. Explore, deepen, take an interest, learn, you will grow from this experience. Get out of your comfort zone, be curious, take advantage of the precious exchanges you will have on site, such a rich experience will open your mind and your perspectives.


How to study abroad?

There are as many paths abroad as there are students. Follow your own path through a variety of programs, because there are no limits to what you can do internationally.

  • Erasmus: Explore Europe in an exchange university and meet students from all over the world. Find out more about the Erasmus+ program and its partner universities and schools here.
  • Partner Universities: Go to the partner university of your choice all over the world. You'll have the opportunity to earn a double degree and have an international career.
  • An internship? Do your internship abroad and add a resolutely international line to your CV to build your network around the world.
  • A gap year? You just finished your year and you want to discover new horizons before continuing your studies? Take a year to experience the international scene by doing a long internship, traveling or working in a foreign country.


How to finance your international trip?

If going abroad means inaccessibility for you, don't worry: aid is offered by organizations depending on the program and destination.

  • The Erasmus+ grant: depending on your university exchange program, you will receive between 150€ and 300€ per month. If you decide to do an internship, depending on certain criteria, you can receive 300€ to 450€ per month.
  • Regional grants: some regions grant loans for student mobility. This is the case for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which grants 95€ per week to its students on an international exchange or internship as part of the Bourse Régionale Mobilité Internationale Étudiant.
  • During your studies abroad, you can work part-time on site if you wish. You can find all the job opportunities as an international student on April International.


Explore the world with ESDES

ESDES Lyon Business School is a highly international school. All students experience at least one international trip, or even several depending on the program chosen!

The second years of the Master in Management and the Bachelor in Business program go on an Erasmus trip to an ESDES partner institution. Discover all the international partners of the school.

If you opt for an international specialization conferring a master's degree, you can do an internship abroad, an academic exchange or a double degree to broaden your field of international possibilities. Explore the possibilities of international masters and build your career around the globe.

Develop your human and social skills during your studies at ESDES Lyon Business School by participating in the humanitarian mission SoliCity, offered to all students of the school. Like Sinclair, choose the international scene for your mission. Express your solidarity beyond borders, get involved and join ESDES Lyon Business School, the school of Responsible Natives.

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