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7 May 2021

How to become a Business Developer

Business Developers implement and coordinate the company's business plan. Their main role is to deploy new growth levers for the company. Business Developers have a real strategic role, developing a long-term vision for the company while at the same time rolling out tactics to rapidly conquer new markets. They coordinate with the sales and marketing departments.

What is a Business Developer’s role?

Business Developers are constantly monitoring the market and even engaging in competitive intelligence in order to understand the emerging market challenges, the intentions of the main competitors and the contextual opportunities. They suggest ideas and oversee cross-sectional projects that foster the creation and marketing of new offers, new services or the conquest of new markets. Of course, they also work with the finance department to ensure that the targets and profitability of the offers are met.
This strategic and transversal position is increasingly present in many companies after its success in the world of start-ups and IT companies. Thanks to this transversal approach, Business Developers also act as a catalyst for innovation in their company.

What qualities should a Business Developer have?

  • Creativity
  • Conviction and innovation
  • Negotiating skills
  • A thirst for conquering new markets

The profile of the Business Developer is very versatile. It is a management job that requires skills in various fields and, in particular, a developed entrepreneurial spirit in order to adapt to the company's needs.

The Business Developer has a commercial fiber and must have good interpersonal skills as well as unequalled negotiating skills. They are characterized by their spirit of conquest: motivated and determined, they always seek to exceed their objectives, despite the obstacles they encounter.

He is also the "king of innovation", he is creative and constantly looking for improvements. He must never run out of ideas to develop his business. He is a force of proposal and taking initiatives has no secret for him.


What salary do Business Developers earn?

Business Developers earn on average between €35 000 and €40 000 gross per year, which is often made up of a fixed salary and targets. Depending on the size of the company, its structure (major account, start-up...) and the performance of the Business Developer, salaries can quickly rise to €80 000 or €90 000 per year.

Which qualifications are required to become a Business Developer?

Become a Business Developer in 5 years, with the Esdes Business School's Grande Ecole Program, specializing in Development and Entrepreneurship or Strategic Business Management in work-study format (100% in French).

In addition to the basic principles of management and business management, you will develop the skills necessary to become a business developer: curiosity and creativity to learn how to seize every opportunity. You will use your ability to process a large amount of diffuse information to elicit subtle cues that can trigger new ideas. Your sense of teamwork and your taste for performance, combined with your extensive experience of teamwork developed during your studies, will give you the keys to be successful in all of your projects. A true entrepreneur within the company, you like to take risks and accept challenges.

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