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16 July 2021

Becoming a Country Risk Manager

Country Risk Managers work in the banking and finance sector. They are required to evaluate and prevent the risks incurred by sectoral financial operations. As an analyst and strategist, they must identify the legal and financial vulnerable areas of a company and also consider the repercussions of the risks that a company may run.

What is a Country Risk Manager’s role?

The main objective of Country Risk Managers is to improve the return on a financial investment by evaluating and anticipating the risks the company may incur. They must establish its weak points and propose areas of improvement via regular checks and audits. They must constantly ensure the right balance between profitability and security on a long-term basis. To limit the risks, they may propose preventive measures such as signing insurance contracts or guarantees. They are therefore required to negotiate contracts with insurance companies beforehand. They also have an essential role to play in the event of financial or banking disasters by devising a survival strategy.


What skills and qualities should a Country Risk Manager have?

  • Curiosity and drive
  • Multi-sectoral knowledge: security, environment, finance, economy
  • Command of specific financial software tools
  • Ethical values
  • Persuasive and confident in their convictions
  • Diplomatic and instructive


What is the typical salary of a Country Risk Manager?

As a young graduate, a Country Risk Manager can earn between €28Kand €35K per year. With several years of experience, a Country Risk Manager can earn more than €60K per year.


What qualifications do you need to become a Country Risk Manager?

Train to become a Country Risk Manager in 5 years with the Master in Management at ESDES Lyon Business School, for two supplementary years that will allow you to graduate with an EFMD accredited Master’s degree.
The aim of the Auditing and Corporate Finance specialization is to prepare students for either a career in auditing and financial consulting firms or in corporate finance.

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