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21 May 2021

Becoming a Marketing Director

Marketing directors implement and coordinate the company's strategy for growing sales of goods or services. They work directly with general management, are often a member of the executive committee, and are also strategists, leading the company's commercial development, analysts, always attentive to trends in the market and competition, and managers, since they lead a team of marketing and sometimes communication experts. 


What is a Marketing Director’s role?

From analyzing trends to setting prices and running communication and advertising campaigns, Marketing Director is a varied position which is often combined with other roles: communication, events, sales...

Marketing Directors must have a vision that can unite not only their teams but also the members of the executive committee and more generally the whole school. They ensure a good sales strategy and oversee the company's brand image. They must be creative, attentive to image and meaning, and be outstanding communicators with the ability to convince both internally and in the market by developing great listening and analytical skills. Marketing positions are becoming increasingly strategic, often encompassing the company's digital transition, with the Marketing Director tackling new consumer habits and ways of working collaboratively. 


Which qualities should a Marketing Director have?

  • technical skills in marketing and digital transformation
  • resistance to stress
  • creativity
  • interpersonal skills, team spirit 
  • ability to convince


What salary do Marketing Directors earn?

A Marketing Director's salary varies greatly depending on the sector of activity, the size of the company, and seniority in the position. They generally earn high salaries, ranging from €50k to more than €100k gross per year. 


Which qualifications are required to become a Marketing Director?

Become a Marketing Director in 5 years, with the Esdes Business School’s Grande Ecole Program, specializing in Marketing and Digital business, as a full-time student.

In addition to the basic principles of management and business management, you will learn the skills required for a career in digital marketing, and become an expert in digital transformation, capable of driving change in your company. Your advanced technical skills combined with a strong strategic vision will ensure a successful start to your career and rapid professional development.

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