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18 June 2021

Becoming a Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers develop and co-ordinate the sales development strategy for the products or services offered by their company. Their main objective? To increase the company's turnover by analyzing the types of clientele and products in order to target suitable categories of clients. They oversee the company's sales policy and supervise the actions required for developing product lines. Their marketing techniques include: conquering new markets, research and development, customer loyalty schemes...

What is a Marketing Manager’s role?

A Marketing Manager has a diverse role which covers a large spectrum of duties.
Working together with a Marketing Director and applying the knowledge they’ve acquired through studies or experience, they must define the "marketing mix" - product, price, place and promotion - which provides the basis for the company's marketing plan.
Marketing Managers must then define their marketing strategy, the associated budget and plan of action, product development and launch. They must also work in close coordination with the sales department on marketing and promotional actions; analyzing and measuring the efficacy of these actions and consequently adapting the strategy. Interpersonal skills are essential: they must also lead a team and ensure their team members stay motivated.

Where do Marketing Managers work?

Given that their role is to develop and improve a company’s sales strategy, Marketing Managers work in all types of companies: from small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) to large companies. They work in many different domains: industry, services, sales...

Which qualities and skills should a Marketing Manager have?

  • A creative mind
  • Deductive skills
  • Team spirit
  • Negotiation skills
  • Thoroughness
  • Project management

The job of marketing manager is both strategic and operational, and managerial skills are required. Indeed, the marketing manager knows the basics of project management perfectly and is not afraid of having to manage a rigorous organization.

Marketing jobs also require creativity to innovate and stand out from the competition. Working with numerous departments, he has a good sense of interpersonal skills, he knows how to lead and motivate a team and generate a good understanding between the members.


What is the typical salary of a Marketing Manager?

At the beginning of their career, marketing managers earn an average salary of €3,000 per month, (gross pay). Their salaries are often boosted early on in their career due to bonuses that are rewarded for hitting targets.

Which qualifications do you need to become a Marketing Manager?

Train to be a Marketing manager in 3 years by enrolling in the ESDES Bachelor in Business, which specializes in Digital marketing and communication.

The first two years are made up of core modules which will teach you the basic principles of management. These skills will be put into practice in a professional context during the two 3rd year internships, and you will also be given the opportunity to specialize in Marketing & Digital Communication. You will get to master the tools and techniques of digital marketing and communication and acquire skills that will allow you to integrate into a company team, B2C and B2B...

You can choose to continue studying your specialization, develop your skills further and gain professional experience by joining the ESDES Master of Marketing and Digital Business and enroll in our 2-year program that will allow you to graduate with an EFMD accredited master’s degree.


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