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28 July 2022

Becoming a Marketing Project Manager

The job of a Marketing Project Manager can be held within a company’s marketing team or in a branch, but in both cases, the Marketing Project Manager is responsible for developing and monitoring the marketing projects sponsored by the client or the strategic management of the company in which he works.


What is a Marketing Project Manager’s role?

In this role, the Marketing Project Manager manages a marketing team in charge of a project. The project he is in charge of must be carried out on time and on budget with the help of his team.

It is therefore also responsible for communicating directly with service providers and clients linked to the project. In fact, he prepares a file taking into account all the financial, technical and legal elements that are necessary to draw up the specifications in which he highlights, and then addresses the issues raised by the client. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve the project as smoothly as possible.

Once the specifications and the implementation schedule have been validated beforehand, the project manager continues to implement the project by coordinating the teams and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

If he is in the customer service he must then maintain an ongoing relationship with the sponsors of the project to reassure them and retain them.


What Qualities and skills should a Marketing Project Manager have?

  • Team Management(s)
  • Methodical and organized
  • Able to negotiate
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in communication tools and continuously updating skills

The Marketing Project Manager accompanies and leads a team in the realization of a project, he must therefore have the skills of a manager. It is necessary to have good interpersonal skills for this type of position which requires important interaction with others.

Thanks to his method and organization, he follows the project progress indicators. It is also a job that requires an ability to adapt and a desire to constantly develop one's marketing skills.


What is the typical salary of a Marketing Project Manager?

The salary of a new Marketing Project Manager is around €2,800 gross per month while for an experienced marketing project manager, his salary can be between €3,500 and €6,000 gross per month.


What qualifications do you need to become a Marketing Project Manager?

You can move towards this professional path through the Master in Management of ESDES, specialization Marketing and digital business, specialization of Management Sciences Humaines et Innovation, in partnership with the Faculty of Philosophy of UCLy or Management éthique des innovations biotechnologiques for an additional two years and a Bac +5 degree targeted, conferring the Master’s degree and accredited EFMD. This master cycle is also accessible on apprenticeship.

You can also take the three-year Bachelor in International Business Program to become a Marketing Project Manager.



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