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4 June 2021

Becoming a Supply Chain Manager 

Supply Chain Managers design and implement solutions for optimal flow management (product, financial, information...). 


What is a Supply Chain Manager’s role?

Their goal is to improve their company's productivity by making their processes more efficient, without compromising on quality.

Managing the supply chain means taking into account supplies, storage, transport, etc., from the production stage to delivery to customers. The supply chain manager works internally with all the other parts of the company, and externally with the other parties in the supply chain (suppliers, transporters, distributors, etc.).

Day-to-day work involves planning finished product requirements according to sales, suggesting improvements based on technical and technological competitor monitoring, and coordinating the other teams and service providers, as well as establishing performance indicators using analytical and quantitative tools and methods.

Mobile and English-speaking (fluency in English is essential to the job), Supply Chain Managers travel throughout the country and abroad.  


Which areas do Supply Chain Managers work in?

  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Logistics consulting
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Events
  • Military


Which skills should a good Supply Chain Manager have?

  • Analysis and synthesis skills
  • Leadership and listening skills
  • Fluency in English and even a second foreign language 


What salary do Supply Chain Managers earn?

The average salary of a Supply Chain Manager ranges from €3,000 gross per month for beginners to €10,000 gross per month for the most experienced managers.


Which qualifications are required to become a Supply Chain Manager?

Become a Supply Chain Manager in 5 years, with the ESDES Grande Ecole Program, specializing in International Supply Chain and Purchasing, which is CIPS-accredited.

The course is 100% in English. In addition to the core notions of management, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of companies and their environment. You will meet international professors and professionals with extensive experience in supply chain management. You will study the challenges of international companies on the world stage through business games. Finally, you will gain significant experience over the course of 2 internships.

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