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25 June 2021

Becoming an Import-Export sales representative

International sales representatives inevitably work in an international environment and often work abroad where they negotiate and establish business contracts with trusted international partners.

What is an Import-Export Sales Representative’s role?

The main role of an Import-export Sales Representative is that of the negotiator in meetings with prospective and existing clients. They are also required to attend trade shows and fairs in order to expand their network of trusted partners. In order to ensure the quality of their network and business partners, Import-Export sales representatives are required to keep a close eye on the competition. After the first contract is signed, Import-Export Sales Representatives must maintain an attentive relationship with their clients and respond to their requests and needs.

Import-export Sales Representative can easily be promoted and end up supervizing an international sales force by teaming up with others. Although this is a role that can be found in any company that has international relations, this job position is more typically found in the industrial sector.

Which qualities and skills are required to become an Import-Export Sales Representative?

  • Negotiation skills
  • Speak English fluently and preferably speak a third language proficiently.
  • A deep knowledge of the sector and geographic impact of the product or service sold
  • Open-mindedness towards other cultures
  • A capacity to work autonomously and a keen ability to adapt to new situations

Like any good negotiator, the Import-Export Salesman is a good listener and has a great strength of conviction. This added to a perfect sectorial and geographical knowledge of his market makes that no contract can be missed.

The specificity of the Import-Export Salesman is that he has a great openness to the world, which allows him to adapt to his interlocutor and to the targeted international markets. He has a perfect mastery of English, the language he uses on a daily basis, but knowledge of another language can also be a strong point in this business sector.

What is the typical salary of an Import-Export Sales Representative?

The salary of an Import-Export Sales Representative varies according to the size of the company they work for. They can earn anywhere between €25k to €50k per year after a few years of experience. In addition to this, if they are able to reach their objectives there are many bonuses to be had (often juicy ones).

Which qualifications do I need to become an Import-Export Sales Representative?

Become an Import-Export Sales Representative in 2 years by joining the ESDES Master’s in International Business Administration, as part of the Grande Ecole Program, which will allow you to graduate with an EFMD accredited Master’s degree.

You will learn how to do business and handle sales abroad while gaining a deeper understanding of international sales and trade flows and the impact of digitalization.

This course is offered as a full-time program.

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