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15 July 2022

The challenges of international management

In a world increasingly marked by international exchanges, choosing an international master's degree is becoming an indispensable differentiating asset on the job market.

If curiosity, interculturality, discovery and sharing are values that are dear to you and you dream of an international career, don't wait any longer and choose an international master's degree. It is also the best way to improve your language skills and your written and oral communication skills. Become an international manager and grow personally and professionally. Nurture your ambition to develop your career abroad.


Build your international career with ESDES Business School

Come and study 100% in English in a multicultural environment composed of more than 10 nationalities to expand your field of possibilities.

At ESDES Lyon Business School, choose one of the 3 Masters specialties in English and set your sights on the international scene:

Experience intercultural management in a class composed of more than 10 nationalities.

Evolve alongside speakers and teachers from the international supply chain world. Recognized by companies around the world, this specialization is accredited by CIPS.

Become a digital marketing specialist and help companies in their digital transition. Students of the master's degree are eligible for DMI certification, which is essential for those who wish to pursue a career in Silicon Valley, at the heart of GAFAM.

By choosing an international master's degree at ESDES, you will have the opportunity to study 100% in English for a minimum of 6 months abroad in a partner university. You can even choose to do a double degree to register your course in a multi-skills and multicultural program.

Don't wait any longer and choose to go international. Open your mind, broaden your perspectives and join the ESDES Business School Master in Management.

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