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17 May 2021

The top 5 reasons to go to a Business School - it sounds great, but where does this coveted degree get you?


1. Guaranteed employment

Graduates of business schools do not experience unemployment. At ESDES, 100% of graduates are employed fewer than 6 months after graduation and 96% of them recommend the School. The CEFDG Visa-recognized and accredited degree of a Grande Ecole business school is sought after by companies... and rather well paid! It opens doors to the career of your choice, in France or abroad.


2. Become a global citizen

Choosing a top business school means choosing international studies: 20% of students, professors and experts from all over the world and, above all, experiences to discover. At ESDES, each student goes abroad at least twice, for a total of 12 months minimum, first in 2nd year, then during the Master's degree. Studying for a semester at a partner university allows you to encounter a culture and a way of learning that is different from the one you know in France. The School also offers the opportunity to complete internships abroad, because working abroad is an excellent way to understand the world.

3. A balanced blend of professional and academic

Learning useful things, developing your professional skills, and applying your knowledge to real-life projects and competitions are all essential parts of the curriculum at a leading business school. Classes are taught by academic experts, research professors recognized in their field, or by working professionals who come to share their expertise using concrete examples. Just like in a company, each student must develop skills to work in a team, to convince others, etc. While benefiting from close supervision within small classes on a human scale, far from the dreaded university lecture halls!

4. Develop your professional experience

All business school students complete internships throughout the course. An increasing number of students are also choosing work-study training programs. At ESDES, a student can complete up to 20 months of internships or 2 years of work-study program. This means that a young graduate can already boast nearly 2 years of professional experience on their CV before even starting their first job. A real asset when it comes to starting out in professional life!

5. Getting Involved and Having a Fulfilling Student Experience

Choosing a top business school means joining a big family, a class, an atmosphere and a school culture. Together, students get involved in all the challenges offered by the School's associations: sporting challenges, charity work, writing a newspaper, organizing parties, directing and producing a musical... At ESDES, students also have the opportunity to sign up for 2 months of humanitarian, social and civic involvement with SoliCity. All these projects and experiences lay the foundations for solid relationships between graduates... and create a dynamic and effective alumni network.

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