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25 July 2022

Becoming a Brand Manager

The Brand Manager is responsible for both online and offline branding. His purpose is to enable the brand(s) he represents to gain greater visibility, awareness and commitment with his consumer communities. His action aims both to sell more and better the products of the brand but also to promote the brand image. The brand manager must therefore acquire a precise and exhaustive knowledge of the brand’s history, its values and its commercial assets. He orchestrates the brand’s direct relationship with its consumers.


What is a Brand Manager’s role?

The Brand Manager must ensure brand coherence across all media (web, social networks but also in the press, in sector events, etc.). He is a real expert on influence. He must therefore monitor as closely as possible (through surveys and qualitative and quantitative analyses) market developments and trends, the needs and desires of his consumers. He defines and implements a brand development strategy that aims to strengthen its reputation and legitimacy.

He works closely with the entire marketing team (social media manager, marketing director, etc.), communication (content manager, communication manager, employer brand manager, etc.) and sales (product manager, sales director). He may also have to work with R&D teams to ensure the launch of a new product.

In order to engage and grow its communities, he imagines and organizes online games, contests, partnerships with influencers, sponsorships campaigns, etc.


What Qualities and skills should a Brand Manager have?

  • Technical skills in marketing and digital transformation
  • Analytical and synthesis skills
  • Creativity
  • Listening
  • A sense of negotiation

The Brand Manager should have technical skills in marketing to monitor the development of the company. As for all marketing jobs, an analytical and synthesis mind is necessary to face the competition.

Moreover, the Brand Manager has a creative profile, he masters the principles of innovation. Thanks to his sense of negociation, the Brand Manager works with the best partners and builds long-term relationships.


What is the typical salary of a Brand Manager?

The salary of a Brand Manager is approximately €35k per year for a beginner, to more than €60k for more confirmed profiles. The Brand Manager can evolve into marketing or communication management functions. 


Which qualifications do you need to become a Brand Manager?

Become a brand manager in 5 years, with the Master in Management of Esdes Business School, specializing in Marketing and Digital Business in initial or apprenticeship.

In addition to the fundamentals of management and business management, you will be trained in the business lines and techniques of digital marketing. You will thus become an expert in digital transformation, able to drive change in your company.

Your advanced technical skills combined with a strong strategic vision will allow you to start a successful career followed by rapid professional development. 


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