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2 July 2021

Becoming a Logistics Analyst

The Logistics Analyst handles stocks by ensuring their management and supply within an efficient timeframe at a low cost. They carry out tests and surveys in order to verify the conformity and quality of a product. They are in regular contact with the other departments of a company in order to oversee their logistics operations and the methods they choose to adopt. The Logistics Analyst writes recommendation reports in the event of a product anomaly.


What is the Logistics Analyst’s role?

Logistics Analyst are responsible for a variety of duties. They analyze the flow of goods in order to adopt an efficient organizational scheme for the logistics department. They create management tools for supplies, purchases, shipments and logistics sites. They also perform tasks at the end of the logistics chain, meaning that they check the conformity of products in order to check that customers are entirely satisfied.

What skills and qualities should a Logistics Analyst have?

  • An aptitude for numbers
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good at managing finances and performing thorough checks
  • Proficient in English
  • An ability to listen and relate well to others


What is the typical Salary of a Logistics Analyst?

A logistics analyst can earn around €26K per year at the beginning of his career. With profit-sharing and experience, their salary can reach €60K per year.


What qualifications do you need to become a Logistics Analyst?

Become a Logistics Analyst in 5 years by enrolling in the Master in Management at Esdes Business School and specializing in International Supply Chain and Purchasing for 2 additional years, which will allow you to graduate with an EFMD-accredited Master’s degree.

This specialization is available as a full-time study program taught 100% in English.


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