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18 July 2022

Becoming a Social Media Manager

The job of Social Media Manager is a rather recent job that came into being with the heyday of social networks. It ensures the presence of the company by creating and federating a community around the values of the brand.


What is a Social Media Manager’s role?

Social networks are the playground of the social media manager. They are constantly on the lookout for what is published about the company on the Internet and maintain the link with Internet users, influencers and online journalists. They also have a moderating role by participating in conversations and responding to any remarks, comments or compliments.

To animate the communities, they create impactful audio-visual supports. Each message is adapted and targeted according to the Internet users, periods, brand positioning and especially according to the sector of activity. The production of online content is not trivial and must generate an increase in awareness to acquire new customers and thus increase sales.

To report on the effectiveness of online communication, the social media manager establishes regular statistics to analyze the results and improve the scope. In short, they are the spokesperson for a company, a brand, a product or a service on the Internet and guarantor of its e-reputation.


What qualities and skills should a Social Media Manager have?

  • Creativity
  • Technical knowledge of web tools and social networks
  • Mediation skills
  • Spirit of conviction
  • Knowledge of web rules (data protection and confidentiality)
  • Strategic monitoring of the Internet

The Social Media Manager is creative and masters the use of desktop publishing software to create all types of visuals. They also have a thorough knowledge of social networks and their functioning, which allows them to follow all the trends.

A spirit of conviction and innovative skills are essential to stand out on social networks. The Social Media Manager relies on these two elements to develop the strategy of their company.

Finally, the Social Media Manager has good interpersonal skills, they federate a community and must master all aspects of communication to successfully complete their missions.


What is the typical salary of a Social Media Manager?

The salary of a social media manager is very variable depending on their status, their location and the importance of the company in which they work. The salary range is between 20K€ and 40K€ per year. In freelance, everything depends on the established contracts but the remuneration is then calculated per working day. The average is between 200€ and 300€ per day.


Which qualifications do you need to become a Social Media Manager?

Train to become a Social Media Manager in 5 years, with the ESDES Lyon Business School Master in Management program, specializing in Marketing and Digital business, as a full-time student.

In addition to the basic principles of management and business management, you will learn the skills required for a career in digital marketing, and become an expert in digital transformation, capable of driving change in your company. Your advanced technical skills combined with a strong strategic vision will ensure a successful start to your career and rapid professional development.

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