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23 July 2021

Becoming an International Buyer

International Buyers have an essential role in commercial companies. They are responsible for purchasing goods and raw materials from abroad that will be used by their company to produce a final product. They constantly analyze the market and must select offers that have the best quality/price ratio.

What is an International Buyer’s role?

International Buyers work in the various sectors such as industry or distribution and even in the public sector. Together with the purchasing department, they must establish a purchasing strategy based on a carefully honed down panel of suppliers. They are also required to work closely with the marketing team, particularly when carrying out market studies: they must work out the demand in order to establish a sustainable supply. Working effectively as a salesperson, they must maintain and expand their portfolio of international suppliers to build a stable and trusted network of business partners.

What qualities and skills should an International Buyer have?

  • Able to speak minimum two languages
  • Negotiation skills
  • Good international legal knowledge
  • Inquisitive: keeps up with technological developments in their field
  • Good with numbers
  • Strong people skills


What is the typical salary of an International Buyer?

The salary of an International Buyer varies depending on the company and the sector of activity they work in. As a junior, they will earn between €24k and €30k€ per year. After years of experience in multinational companies, they can earn around €70k per year.

Which qualifications do you need to become an International Buyer?

Train to become an international buyer in 3 years, with the Esdes Bachelor Global Business Development.
The first two years are made up of core modules which will teach you the basic principles of management. These skills will be put into practice in a professional context during the two 3rd year internships, and you will also be given the opportunity to specialize in Management and International Business. You will learn how to do business and trade across borders while developing a deeper understanding of international exchanges and flows and the impact of digitalization.

Students may also choose to continue with their specialization, further develop their skills and gain additional work experience by joining the Esdes Master’s in International Supply Chain and Purchasing for two more years in order to graduate with an EFMD accredited Master’s degree.

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