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7 July 2021

The Earth is 4,543 billion years old. However, the world’s first Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd April, 1970. It began in the United States when millions of Americans called for the senate to take the environment into account when making political decisions, and has since become a worldwide movement. It wasn’t long before the movement reached France, where it has been gaining momentum ever since the Earth Day association was created in 1990.

In 2021, the "Take care of the Planet" campaign will be specially dedicated to the animal world. While our animal friends are recognised as being essential to Earth’s ecosystems, they are also presented as the main victims of human pollution. By urging people to trash-collect and participate in other eco-friendly activities, the campaign calls on citizens to embrace their civic spirit and work together to rebuild the world of tomorrow.

Earth Day during the pandemic

On April 22nd, 2021, the members of the Earth Day association invite all of us to share our positive actions across the different social networks.

How can I take part?

From a distance you can still contribute to celebrating Earth Day, even on a small-scale personal level. Need some inspiration? Go to the website page dedicated to this year’s event. Eat seasonally, switch to greener energy supplies, use eco-friendly transport... there are endless ways to improve your daily practices and play your part in changing the world.

If you would like some support, go and take a look at Take action, change your everyday habits!

By giving meaning to your actions, you’re starting to take care of the planet!

ESDES is committed to taking care of the planet

ESDES Lyon Business School trains the managers that will be responsible for the world of tomorrow. Whether you’ve enrolled in the Grande École Program or the Bachelor Global Business Development, the classes you will attend are designed to challenge and question your ideas, open your mind and will allow you to discover the impact you can make in the companies of the future. Students put their skills to good use by joining one of the ESDES associations (“association” is the French word for a non-profit organization or club). Strengthening human values and notions of solidarity, not only does this help to give meaning to their chosen path, it also allows them to defend the causes they care about. In 2018, Romain and Téjas who were students from the Grande École Program, launched their enterprising sustainable development association. In addition to Clean up day and other innovative initiatives, The New Locals association now offers locally-distributed zero-waste meals every week thanks to over 20 permanent members who work together to protect the environment and consume local food responsibly.



ESDES Business School will help you to bring your innovative projects to life, don't wait any longer and join the Grande Ecole program next fall!

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