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14 July 2021

The year 2020, marked by the covid health crisis, has profoundly transformed organizations and working methods. Compliance with regulations has pushed companies to implement remote work, complicating communication and team management. In this context, managers had to adapt their management style in order to maintain the link with their teams.

After almost a year of crisis, a first step back allows us to ask ourselves the question of hybrid work, will it be the work norm in the years to come? Remote management has highlighted other closely related issues. The absence of physical interaction, preventing learning by mimicry for example, raises several questions. We find the interest in developing the soft skills of employees but also the transmission of knowledge between different generations of employees. We will question the place and role of the manager in this post-covid era. Should the manager be seen as a facilitator? Finally, this health crisis has accelerated the environmental awareness of citizens and professionals.

In response to this issue, we can consider the development of an environmental management aimed at meeting these societal expectations while considering the resistance to change of individuals. The aim of this work is to present the present and future evolutions of the manager's role in this post-covid transition.


Episode 1 - What will the post-covid enterprise be like?

Series produced by students in Master 2 Management and Business Strategy at ESDES Lyon Business School. #responsiblenatives




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