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26 July 2022

What is a Bachelor?

A Bachelor's degree is a 3-year professional program. It confers 180 ECTS credits and is most often approved by the State. In this case it has this label:




This recognition assures the student of the quality of the teaching and the teaching staff. It is therefore a guarantee of the quality of the program. The Visa also assures the student of the possibility of continuing their studies wherever they wish, without restriction: from a public university to a business school.


Bachelor's degree: the path to professionalism

A professionalizing program means that it is anchored in the real world. Most of the courses are based on concrete cases encountered in companies and sometimes even taught by working professionals. It is also a program that offers internships, field assignments and why not work-study to learn and gain experience. This dimension guarantees the student a rapid insertion into the job market, in a position and sector that they have chosen.

A Bachelor's degree is therefore a short program, in 3 years, which allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management and the functioning of a company. Most often the student will specialize in the last year to deepen their knowledge in a given field: business, marketing, management...

The Bachelor's degree is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model (in France we are more familiar with the "licence" Bac+3), so its international dimension is very important. It will allow you, most often, to live an international experience on a partner campus and to discover a new culture while improving your English. This is a good thing, because Bachelors from French business schools are very popular with international universities. The Bachelor's degree can therefore be a first step before a Master's degree abroad.


Doing a Bachelor's degree in a business school

In summary, a Bachelor's degree in a Grande École in France offers all the advantages of a business school (international, student and community life, professional experience...) in only three years. It is therefore ideal for those who want to join the working world quickly, or for those who want to take a first step (and a first degree) before the master.

If you want to know more, discover the Bachelor in Business at ESDES Lyon Business School in France.


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